progressive tarot

A badass guide to self realization, personal enlightenment & real spirituality


Lust for the best possible life

A Seeker • A Believer • An Adventurer, magician, alchemist, adept! This is not your usual Tarot. We cut strings with the past!




How To Use It

It’s a tool for your growth, spirituality and sexual development. Alone or with a partner, pick a card and identify the area to put your attention to and let the card guide you into the game of life and lust. In a School of life this is your Homework. Let’s get started!!!


What it comes with


The cards

22 cards representing 22 channels, 22 directions, 22 principles, 22 stages and 22 lessons.


The book

Your spiritual guide through the Progressive tarot deck, guiding you through the game of life and lust.


The case

A sexy, custom leather pouch designed and produced by Degenerotika.